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Training and Education

THE FORUM CORPORATION - The Forum Corporation pioneered the field of practice-based learning and outsourced learning, introduced branded customer experience and customer-focused quality.

Forum, a global leader in corporate training and education, was co-founded in 1971 by John Humphrey. In July 2000, Forum was sold to FTKnowledge, a division of Pearson PLC, as the platform company for a major entry into the corporate training and education market. Forum pioneered the field of practice-based learning and outsourced learning, introduced the branded customer experience and customer focused quality practices. The company served many of the global 1,000 firms in the development of their learning strategies, learning solutions, and managing their learning organizations. The company was sold in 2000 for $110MM dollars and had compound growth rates of 23% in sales, 30% in profit, and 36% in shareholder value.


NELSON METAL PRODUCTS - Nelson Metal Products is a leading automotive die caster. Humphrey Capital Group acquired Nelson Metals in 1984 and managed organic growth from $18MM to $210 MM in 14 years. Nelson Metals earned every award from customers for supplier excellence, and was widely recognized as the industry leader in technology. The company was sold in 2001 for $175MM and had compound growth rates of 17% in sales, 32% in profit, and 41% in shareholder value.


TOM'S OF MAINE - Tom's of Maine provides safe, effective, and innovative natural products of high quality. A family owned company since it was founded in 1970 by Tom and Kate Chappell, Tom's has a strong set of company beliefs, a sense of purpose, and a mission. Tom's of Maine is located in Kennebunk, Maine. In March 2006, Tom's was bought by Colgate-Palmolative Co. for $120MM.

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